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The knowledge and insight that I bring to clients has been amassed over a lifetime solving problems and managing projects in industry, 50 years and counting.

I work with clients to help them formulate strategic objectives, determine what actions must be taken to achieve those objectives, take those agreed upon actions and verify that the intended objectives have been met.

My services are organized in four categories:

Business Planning

I work with clients to formulate strategic objectives. These kinds of engagement can be straight forward or complex.

A straight forward example is a situation where a client is evaluating one or more objectives and would like assistance developing and evaluating the investment cases for each objective in advance or obtaining funding.

A complex example is a situation where a client knows they need to change but does not have a clear line of sight to specific alternatives. In this case I help the client identify the available alternatives by surveying the landscape inside and outside the client’s company to identify threats and opportunities that should be considered and then assist the client with the formulation of their strategic objectives.

Once objectives are formulated, we can move to developing and evaluating investment cases.


Performance Improvement

Whether you are designing a new process from the ground up or looking for ways to increase the efficiency or quality of an existing process, I can help.  Experience has taught me that sticking to the basics always pays dividends.

I follow a simple five step approach to quantify improvement opportunities:

Step 1 Document performance objectives;

Step 2 Measure performance;

Step 3 Identify performance gaps;

Step 4 Develop improvement alternatives;

Step 5 Evaluate improvement alternatives.

My approach incorporates proven process charting, statistical process control and decision science principles and tools.

I evaluate the change impact that each improvement alternative will have on your organization and incorporate these impacts into the evaluation along with cost, benefit and risk.

Project Management

At the end of the day, the success of you strategic or performance improvement initiatives depends upon successfully managing projects.

My project management services are designed to improve the effectiveness of your project managers.

I do this by working with your project managers in three ways. I work with them up front at the beginning of projects to implement a disciplined approach for Chartering, Scoping and Planning projects to position them for success.

I then work with them to establish a project control cadence to keep things on track. This cadence includes managing performance to plan, scope changes, risks and issues. Finally I work with them to conduct periodic project management audits to independently evaluate project health.

project management

Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation service frees your employees from the need to perform routine back office tasks manually and enables them to focus on higher value work.

Intelligent Automation can significantly improve workforce satisfaction and operational efficiency. These hard productivity improvements will improve your bottom line.

Schedule your free consultation to find out more about how Intelligent Automation can improve your bottom line.

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It was great to get to work together again with Joe! He is wonderful to work with. Joe is very experience and knowledgeable when it comes to field operations, he always ready to share and mentor clients. He has the ability to simplify complex scenarios and tell a succinct story. What I like the most about Joe is his willingness to tell things the way they are being honest and candid about what works well but more importantly what doesn’t - you can count on Joe to tell you and the client what they need to hear not what the want to hear. His enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating - it was great to have him on the team.


Meir Shargal

Owner / Partner at Utilligent

Joe is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable operations consultants I have ever worked with. This is a man with deep, deep industry experience and can see the emerging trends in our industry. Joe is a real thought leader. One of the things I appreciate most about Joe is his willingness to be honest and candid about what works well in our organization but also what doesn’t and tell you what you need to do to become a real industry leader. He’s got a lot of connections (and puts his connections in touch with one another) in the industry because he’s well respected and speaks from a place of having the best intentions for his clients. You get the straight goods from Joe.


David Edwards

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