Successful Projects

Supply Chain Management Transformation

Client Objective: Leverage new technology to enable the post-merger integration of two legacy supply operations and realize merger synergies.

Service Provided: As a Business Architect, led a cross functional team of client and consultant resources to:

  1. Develop a transformation strategy and roadmap
  2. Develop a functional design of new supply chain processes including strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, contract management, purchasing, forecasting,  inventory management, discount management and accounts payable.
  3. Develop configuration designs of Maximo and Ariba based supply chain technology solution to enable new supply chain processes.

Client Outcomes: Completed and obtained client management approval of all contract deliverables.  The designs we produced were implemented successfully by the client without major revision.

Project Lifestyle

Operations Performance Improvement

Client Objective: Improve operational performance by 30%.

Service Provided: Assessed current operating model, established current performance baselines, identified specific improvement opportunities and targets, developed action plans to achieve improvement targets and developed performance scorecard to track planned vs actual actions taken and compare improvements realized to established target.

Client Outcomes: Improvement opportunities the exceeded client’s 30% target were identified and progress toward realizing those improvement opportunities is being managed.

plsnning process
scheduling process
planning process develop work order plans

Strategic Architecture Recommendation

Client Objective: Evaluate multiple strategies for deploying an Enterprise Asset Management platform as a standard globally.

Service Provided: Worked with client experts to identify potential architecture strategy strategies.  Developed and applied a client specific multi-factor decision framework comprised of twenty-one cross functional decision criteria that included Business and IT objectives, initial cost, ongoing cost, speed to market and business environment dimensions to arrive at a deployment strategy recommendation that best aligned with the client’s evaluation criteria.

Client Outcomes: The client was able develop validate and recommend an EAM deployment strategy to senior leadership in record time.  Supported by the company’s diverse set of business units was incorporated into the recommendation.

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